Askr Yggdrasils

Askr Yggdrasils – The Ash Tree Yggdrasil

There stands an ash called Yggdrasil, A mighty tree showered in white hail. – Poetic Edda

Forn Siðr – Followers of the Old Customs

Preserving and protecting our native European culture as our identity is everything, the loss of identity is the greatest crime against self anyone can imagine.

Wyrd bið ful aræd – Fate remains wholly inexorable – The Wanderer (Anglo-Saxon Poem)


Móði and Magni

Móði and Magni
Thor wades through a river while the Æsir ride across the bridge Bifröst, by Frølich (1895)

Móði and Magni

In Norse mythologyMóði (anglicized Módi or Mothi) and Magni are the sons of Thor. Their names mean “Brave” and “Strong,” respectively. Rudolf Simek states that, along with Thor’s daughter Þrúðr (“Strength”), they embody their father’s features.

Móði and Magni’s descent from Thor is attested by the kennings “Móði’s father”[...] read more